Thursday, November 24, 2011

For many, today means Turkey Day…

For many, today means turkey day but, not for me; for me it means Cheesecake Factory® Pumpkin Cheesecake. My son and I were going to go for a short run, feed a few people in need and then veg out on cheesecake and turkey sandwiches from the deli. If you are one of those turkey day people that I spoke of in my title you are probably horrified by how we intended to spend our day but, for us… it’s Thursday. Rather, for me it’s Thursday. For him, it’s a day off from school.

So, the place where we were to serve food cancelled today’s program and we were invited to my sister’s for dinner. Which means that we will not be enjoying turkey sandwiches; at least not today and I get to share my cheesecake with my family. Oh, and in case you were wondering, I did go for my short run (2.20 miles) and it was cold.

My brother and I will soon be taking a break from our outdoor runs until the temperature is more conducive to blood flowing through my fingers. I’m thinking that I will catch up on my Zumba and Wii Boxing. I’d say “I’ll keep you posted,” but, you know how my mind works. I write what’s on my mind and I cannot promise you that keeping you posted on my workout will be on my mind.

READING!! Reading is on my mind. I need to update my book’s I want to read list. How’s that for a random thought? And I am going add The Scarlet Letter & The Iliad and The Odyssey to my list; and I am going to make an effort to actually finish them. Again, I make no promises.

Enjoy your day, be it with extended family and friends over a grandiose dinner or your nuclear family over cheeseburgers. Make this and everyday a blessed one.

All my best to you & yours this holiday season.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

MyFitnessPal is helpful but, I'm doing the work

So, I am not sure if I told you this bit of awesome news from the most awesome SunshineSuperstar BUT I am doing the C25K program. Today with the best distance & consequently the best time so far, I ran (or in my case jogged) 2.74 miles. Oh, what day am I on? Only day 2 of week seven. (faking modesty)

And here is the kickster (Bones fans will get that little insider) Friday past I began a low calorie meal program. My sweet & precious Jesus, why?!? Oh yeah, I know why because my friend is doing it and misery loves company and I love her so there you have it. Anyway, I took that as an opportunity to really use and appreciate MyFitnessPal. I mean, I registered for it back in what... July? *checking* Nope, June. Wow, how sad is that? Anywho, I figured that since this program is so strict and I never back down from a challenge that I'd accept all the help I can get.

The reason for this dialogue? It's simply this; I am posting my ticker tape below. It will track my progress as I continue on my becoming fit journey. But, in order to create it I had to log on to a desktop. It was when I was logging in to MyFitnessPal on my son's desktop that I saw these words: "MyFitnessPal really works!"

Now in my awesome, unasked & highly self-valued opinion the woman who made the statement "works." She is the one losing the inches. MFP is a tool... a resource. It does what it says it will but, it is up to the individual to log in the calories & be honest about what was eaten or not, what exercise was done... or not.

So, with my MFP resource, I will continue to count my calories. Without it... I'd still count my calories and... and... there are other calorie counting apps/programs out there. (I only said that so you wouldn't think that I was endorsing MyFitnessPal.) I support you & your goals. The plan you use makes me no nevermind. Just be advised that if you want to be my "calorie counting friend" MFP is where you'll find me.

Now stay encouraged and WORK!!!

Sunshine (on MyFitnessPal aka JoyKeenan is an aspiring overachiever & proud of it!! Get Active Stay Active

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Did you just call me?

So, my mother calls me and asks me if I just called her. I had so, I answer in the affirmative and then she said she'd have to call me back. Wait, let me color this in for you. The conversation went like this:

Ring Ring Ring (actually my mom's ringtone is an instrumental version of Hypnotize by Biggie, yes, the Notorious one...)
Sunshine: Hello
Mom: Did you just call me?
Sunshine: Yes, I did.
Mom: Why?
Sunshine: Well I went to the... *interrupted* (by interrupted I mean she began talking while I was talking... just walked all over my words)
Mom: I was on the phone with ______ and now I am going to call _____ I have to call you back.
Sunshine: *dumbfounded*
Mom: Is that okay?
Sunshine: (thinking, do I have a choice) bye Mom.

Yes, that really did just happen. She really did call me to say she's busy. And here I thought that her not answering the phone was indication enough that she was unavailable to talk. All of this from the very same woman who said that my outgoing voice message sounds insincere. My out going message is supposed to sound insincere. How should I know if I'm really sorry I missed your call??

But asking me "why" and then talking over me or telling me that you have to call me back and then asking me if it's okay... well that is insincerity at it's finest! Thanks mom, way to set an example.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Random and Nostalgic: Cleaning house, literally and metaphorically

I am making many changes in my life. (I know, it's about time right?) I want to say that it started last week but it didn't. In fact, I cannot tell you when it began but, I can say that I have done, in my mind, two significant things that stand out for me as big changes. The first is that I finally started my C25K (couch to 5K) program. I would tell you that I will keep you posted but, I can't make that promise. Just thinking it, sounds like it will be something that I would break. Oh no, not the working out... I am 5K bound; but, the keeping you updated on my progress...yawn.

The second thing that I did - more accurately, am doing, which may very well only be significant to me, is cleaning out my storage unit. I, Sunshine Superstar, am throwing away things. C'mon, that's major!! Anyway, these things are significant to me. I have had, in the past, difficulty getting up in the morning to exercise. Even when my size 10 jeans would beg me to fit back into them again. I think that I am on my way to doing that now. Praise God. And, the cleaning... I am an "out of sight - out of mind" kind of gal, so, cleaning out the storage, yeah... that's big. But, the way I see it, if I am going to move (hey, I do not know the plans God has for me & I need to be as prepared as I can be) I would not want to be overwhelmed with doing this cleaning then. So, as I search for work, I will make myself useful in other ways.

And so Reader, the reason I was inclined to write today is this, I have come across some old journal entries of mine and I would like to share what I found... eh, some of what I found.

They are all from 2005, I do not have the dates for some:

A little background, in 2011 I began a bucket list, things I want to do before I start spending my days fishin' with Jesus. This first journal entry is from 2005, January 29th. Some of the things that I listed as resolutions I have placed on my bucket list. Others, I have forgotten about but now realize that I still want to do. I will not tell you which still interest me but, if you really know me, then you will know.

Here is my list:
1. Go skinny dipping
2. Visit all of the United States
3. Visit 2 tropical islands
4. Wear a bikini on the beach without a cover-up
5. Learn to Drive a stick shift
6. Sing Karaoke in a bar (Bar was underlined in my journal)
7. Do a private strip show
(I considered not putting this but, it was in my journal & to not share it with you... well, that would be dishonest, right?)

In another entry I wrote:
I am wonderful & giving. I am smart & funny. I am lovable & loved. I am stubborn yet, I am willing to compromise.


I love me and any man who can't see how fabulous I am doesn't deserve to have me.

Apparently I was going through a break up but, I was and am still quite fabulous. I just keep getting more & more awesome!

And these last two are quotes, I am not sure whose but, they still speak to the hopeless romantic in me...

"Love is eternal. It is not limited by time. When you commit yourself to loving someone, you make that commitment to all the person is."


"When you find someone who can see your flaws & your under developed character, and love you in spite of it all, you are blessed."

and on that note.... back to de-cluttering my world.

P.S. As mentioned February 14, 2005... the ConEd guy is still cute & funny.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I'll See Your Green Grass and Raise You ... an Astro Turf?

Once upon a time there was a fine individual admiring their lawn, let’s call this person Uri, U for short. Now, U was content in all things. Thought that life couldn’t possibly be any better than it was at that moment until that fateful day when something felt very wrong. U couldn’t understand why but, suddenly U felt lacking. It was a horrible and unusual feeling for U and Uri wanted it to stop. It didn’t take long for U to realize the cause of the discomfort. U wanted what I had.

Iden, affectionately known as I, had an equally fine lawn. Iden was amiable and always wore a smile. I didn’t talk much outside of casual conversations. I had a great memory and if I saw you in the street, would make a point of asking about your family by name. U thought I had it all and that having it all was a direct result of having greener grass. And U wanted it all too.

One day I was going on vacation and asked U to keep an eye out over everything while I was away. U eagerly agreed because, temporarily U would have ownership of the greener grass. The first day I was gone U set up shop on the lawn. Lawn chair, check, Lemonade, check, novel, check. U, with feet kicked up, let out a deep sigh of appreciation, throughly enjoying being surrounded by the beauty of the greenest grass.

In Iden’s absence Uri cared for I’s grass. Wow, you should have seen that to do list. Uri had no idea how much work it was to keep up Iden’s grass according to Iden’s specifications. In three weeks, when I was scheduled to return home U could not wait to get back home. U decided that green grass was green grass regardless of whom it belonged to. U also decided that I didn’t have such special grass after all. U became content again, thinking that life couldn’t possibly be any better than it was at that moment.

I have two friends and here are their views on “the greener grass.” One said, “You may think that the grass is greener on the other side but, what you fail to realize is that there is work that has to be put in to keep the grass so green. If you are not willing to but in the work the greener grass will eventually look like your old grass.” Basically, don’t want or covet your neighbors grass, but instead put in the work to get your grass to be the best that it can be. And that can be anything from self-motivation, relationships, to employment. Work for what you want.

My other friend, poet Chris Slaughter, said, “The grass is never greener...some people spray paint their lawns instead of watering it!” I, Sunshine, not Iden, took that to mean that some times what you see is as fake as a prop. You look, you want, you get, and then realize that you have been hoodwinked, bamboozled, shammed, and there is nothing you can do about it except admit you have been deceived and move on.

In all things there is an opportunity for growth. Don’t miss it, it may not make you stronger but it will make you wiser. And being wiser is definitely better than having Astro Turf.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I’m Black & I Believe in Therapy

Black, African-American… use whatever terms you feel most comfortable with but, the fact remains that I believe in therapy. I don’t think that I need therapy but, I believe that it works and I support any and all individuals who use therapy as a source for dealing with LIFE. And while we are on the topic of therapy, I think that my son needs a therapist.

Oh, that I were employed with insurance I would have called one for him before his second week of high school was through but, I’m not. I am a full time student and so, I rely on first and foremost, my Abba. He gets me through my life so, I have no doubt that I am in good hands and therefore, my son is in good hands. I also lean on my family a great deal. No, not all of them *rolling my eyes & shaking my head* because most of them need therapy & DO NOT believe in it.

Anyway, a relatively long story shortened… my child got suspended from school. He finds the incident amusing. I told him that I cannot wait until he has children of his own. I said, “It is my prayer that your children are JUST LIKE YOU.” And my greatest desire is that he ends up with twins. Know what he said? He said, “My kids are not going to be like me. I am your kid and I am not like you.” He’s right you know… he’s worse!! Ha, I hope his aren’t like him… I hope, just like me, he is blessed with a child that test every good character trait that he holds near and dear.

I have a meeting scheduled at his school on Tuesday. Chances are I will not update you on how it goes. My reasoning is this… I finished high school, I am almost done with my Masters program so, this is essentially his story. What I hope to get from it? I guess, another story to entertain the folk who watch MTV’s Behind The Music. What? Didn’t you know?? My son is going to be a superstar. In fact he can’t wait until he starts rapping so that he can make his vision of chuckin’ up the deuces to his school and the whole academic system a reality.

Yeah…sigh… I am super blessed to have him & I am praying and crossing fingers and toes that he is able to experience this and more as a parent.

Ok, I have homework to do.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm Gorgeous, That's Right... I Said It!!!

I went to my first photo shoot yesterday. Though I was full of anxiety as I prepared to go, I actually had a great time when I got there. The time flew by and guess what? I am gorgeous. Pictures and most importantly facebook friends never lie. The photographer, Christopher David, is more than family, he is a friend. And to be completely honest, he was more excited than I was at the photos because finally, I saw in me what he has been seeing all along. (I kinda love that dude)

Although I still don’t really like taking pictures I am determined to become more comfortable in front of the camera’s lens. In fact, I plan on taking a picture like this one. Only you have to picture a well defined feminine body & not the work of art we affectionately call Ari.

You cannot deny that this is an awesome picture. Ok, you can but well, I won’t believe you. I will not be taking it anytime soon. The superstar, that’s me, has some work to do first. Namely, learning to love or at least tolerate push-ups. Right now I can bust out… one set of ten. Yeah, ummm… I just checked. Anyway, around this time next year I will have my awesome arms photo and I will have the guys (& maybe some ladies) drooling. The hardest thing for me is not the push-up though so, I seek help and encouragement during my transformation process. The hardest thing is going to be adjusting to the new diet. Now sure what it is yet but, I have started with giving up fried foods. That is, deep fried foods (baby steps). And if you were about to tell me to give up ice-cream, don’t bother; those words will just fall upon deaf ears.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” So, here is to happy exercising!!! Oh, and don’t think I forgot why I came here today. It was to show of my pictures.

May you be blessed in abundance this year. May the Lord Christ Jesus guide your steps, your thoughts and your words. May you find compassion in your heart to love unrestricted. Perform acts of love and kindness without expectation. May you comfortably develop from the strength that dwells within you into courage. I pray that you lift up others to their potential as you receive love and contentment from all & in all circumstance. And as often as you can, I pray that you find laughter and a smile from deep within, grand enough to share. In Jesus’ name. Amen.