Saturday, August 6, 2011

Random and Nostalgic: Cleaning house, literally and metaphorically

I am making many changes in my life. (I know, it's about time right?) I want to say that it started last week but it didn't. In fact, I cannot tell you when it began but, I can say that I have done, in my mind, two significant things that stand out for me as big changes. The first is that I finally started my C25K (couch to 5K) program. I would tell you that I will keep you posted but, I can't make that promise. Just thinking it, sounds like it will be something that I would break. Oh no, not the working out... I am 5K bound; but, the keeping you updated on my progress...yawn.

The second thing that I did - more accurately, am doing, which may very well only be significant to me, is cleaning out my storage unit. I, Sunshine Superstar, am throwing away things. C'mon, that's major!! Anyway, these things are significant to me. I have had, in the past, difficulty getting up in the morning to exercise. Even when my size 10 jeans would beg me to fit back into them again. I think that I am on my way to doing that now. Praise God. And, the cleaning... I am an "out of sight - out of mind" kind of gal, so, cleaning out the storage, yeah... that's big. But, the way I see it, if I am going to move (hey, I do not know the plans God has for me & I need to be as prepared as I can be) I would not want to be overwhelmed with doing this cleaning then. So, as I search for work, I will make myself useful in other ways.

And so Reader, the reason I was inclined to write today is this, I have come across some old journal entries of mine and I would like to share what I found... eh, some of what I found.

They are all from 2005, I do not have the dates for some:

A little background, in 2011 I began a bucket list, things I want to do before I start spending my days fishin' with Jesus. This first journal entry is from 2005, January 29th. Some of the things that I listed as resolutions I have placed on my bucket list. Others, I have forgotten about but now realize that I still want to do. I will not tell you which still interest me but, if you really know me, then you will know.

Here is my list:
1. Go skinny dipping
2. Visit all of the United States
3. Visit 2 tropical islands
4. Wear a bikini on the beach without a cover-up
5. Learn to Drive a stick shift
6. Sing Karaoke in a bar (Bar was underlined in my journal)
7. Do a private strip show
(I considered not putting this but, it was in my journal & to not share it with you... well, that would be dishonest, right?)

In another entry I wrote:
I am wonderful & giving. I am smart & funny. I am lovable & loved. I am stubborn yet, I am willing to compromise.


I love me and any man who can't see how fabulous I am doesn't deserve to have me.

Apparently I was going through a break up but, I was and am still quite fabulous. I just keep getting more & more awesome!

And these last two are quotes, I am not sure whose but, they still speak to the hopeless romantic in me...

"Love is eternal. It is not limited by time. When you commit yourself to loving someone, you make that commitment to all the person is."


"When you find someone who can see your flaws & your under developed character, and love you in spite of it all, you are blessed."

and on that note.... back to de-cluttering my world.

P.S. As mentioned February 14, 2005... the ConEd guy is still cute & funny.

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