Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Did you just call me?

So, my mother calls me and asks me if I just called her. I had so, I answer in the affirmative and then she said she'd have to call me back. Wait, let me color this in for you. The conversation went like this:

Ring Ring Ring (actually my mom's ringtone is an instrumental version of Hypnotize by Biggie, yes, the Notorious one...)
Sunshine: Hello
Mom: Did you just call me?
Sunshine: Yes, I did.
Mom: Why?
Sunshine: Well I went to the... *interrupted* (by interrupted I mean she began talking while I was talking... just walked all over my words)
Mom: I was on the phone with ______ and now I am going to call _____ I have to call you back.
Sunshine: *dumbfounded*
Mom: Is that okay?
Sunshine: (thinking, do I have a choice) bye Mom.

Yes, that really did just happen. She really did call me to say she's busy. And here I thought that her not answering the phone was indication enough that she was unavailable to talk. All of this from the very same woman who said that my outgoing voice message sounds insincere. My out going message is supposed to sound insincere. How should I know if I'm really sorry I missed your call??

But asking me "why" and then talking over me or telling me that you have to call me back and then asking me if it's okay... well that is insincerity at it's finest! Thanks mom, way to set an example.

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