Sunday, February 13, 2011

I'll See Your Green Grass and Raise You ... an Astro Turf?

Once upon a time there was a fine individual admiring their lawn, let’s call this person Uri, U for short. Now, U was content in all things. Thought that life couldn’t possibly be any better than it was at that moment until that fateful day when something felt very wrong. U couldn’t understand why but, suddenly U felt lacking. It was a horrible and unusual feeling for U and Uri wanted it to stop. It didn’t take long for U to realize the cause of the discomfort. U wanted what I had.

Iden, affectionately known as I, had an equally fine lawn. Iden was amiable and always wore a smile. I didn’t talk much outside of casual conversations. I had a great memory and if I saw you in the street, would make a point of asking about your family by name. U thought I had it all and that having it all was a direct result of having greener grass. And U wanted it all too.

One day I was going on vacation and asked U to keep an eye out over everything while I was away. U eagerly agreed because, temporarily U would have ownership of the greener grass. The first day I was gone U set up shop on the lawn. Lawn chair, check, Lemonade, check, novel, check. U, with feet kicked up, let out a deep sigh of appreciation, throughly enjoying being surrounded by the beauty of the greenest grass.

In Iden’s absence Uri cared for I’s grass. Wow, you should have seen that to do list. Uri had no idea how much work it was to keep up Iden’s grass according to Iden’s specifications. In three weeks, when I was scheduled to return home U could not wait to get back home. U decided that green grass was green grass regardless of whom it belonged to. U also decided that I didn’t have such special grass after all. U became content again, thinking that life couldn’t possibly be any better than it was at that moment.

I have two friends and here are their views on “the greener grass.” One said, “You may think that the grass is greener on the other side but, what you fail to realize is that there is work that has to be put in to keep the grass so green. If you are not willing to but in the work the greener grass will eventually look like your old grass.” Basically, don’t want or covet your neighbors grass, but instead put in the work to get your grass to be the best that it can be. And that can be anything from self-motivation, relationships, to employment. Work for what you want.

My other friend, poet Chris Slaughter, said, “The grass is never greener...some people spray paint their lawns instead of watering it!” I, Sunshine, not Iden, took that to mean that some times what you see is as fake as a prop. You look, you want, you get, and then realize that you have been hoodwinked, bamboozled, shammed, and there is nothing you can do about it except admit you have been deceived and move on.

In all things there is an opportunity for growth. Don’t miss it, it may not make you stronger but it will make you wiser. And being wiser is definitely better than having Astro Turf.

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