Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm Gorgeous, That's Right... I Said It!!!

I went to my first photo shoot yesterday. Though I was full of anxiety as I prepared to go, I actually had a great time when I got there. The time flew by and guess what? I am gorgeous. Pictures and most importantly facebook friends never lie. The photographer, Christopher David, is more than family, he is a friend. And to be completely honest, he was more excited than I was at the photos because finally, I saw in me what he has been seeing all along. (I kinda love that dude)

Although I still don’t really like taking pictures I am determined to become more comfortable in front of the camera’s lens. In fact, I plan on taking a picture like this one. Only you have to picture a well defined feminine body & not the work of art we affectionately call Ari.

You cannot deny that this is an awesome picture. Ok, you can but well, I won’t believe you. I will not be taking it anytime soon. The superstar, that’s me, has some work to do first. Namely, learning to love or at least tolerate push-ups. Right now I can bust out… one set of ten. Yeah, ummm… I just checked. Anyway, around this time next year I will have my awesome arms photo and I will have the guys (& maybe some ladies) drooling. The hardest thing for me is not the push-up though so, I seek help and encouragement during my transformation process. The hardest thing is going to be adjusting to the new diet. Now sure what it is yet but, I have started with giving up fried foods. That is, deep fried foods (baby steps). And if you were about to tell me to give up ice-cream, don’t bother; those words will just fall upon deaf ears.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” So, here is to happy exercising!!! Oh, and don’t think I forgot why I came here today. It was to show of my pictures.

May you be blessed in abundance this year. May the Lord Christ Jesus guide your steps, your thoughts and your words. May you find compassion in your heart to love unrestricted. Perform acts of love and kindness without expectation. May you comfortably develop from the strength that dwells within you into courage. I pray that you lift up others to their potential as you receive love and contentment from all & in all circumstance. And as often as you can, I pray that you find laughter and a smile from deep within, grand enough to share. In Jesus’ name. Amen.