Saturday, February 5, 2011

I’m Black & I Believe in Therapy

Black, African-American… use whatever terms you feel most comfortable with but, the fact remains that I believe in therapy. I don’t think that I need therapy but, I believe that it works and I support any and all individuals who use therapy as a source for dealing with LIFE. And while we are on the topic of therapy, I think that my son needs a therapist.

Oh, that I were employed with insurance I would have called one for him before his second week of high school was through but, I’m not. I am a full time student and so, I rely on first and foremost, my Abba. He gets me through my life so, I have no doubt that I am in good hands and therefore, my son is in good hands. I also lean on my family a great deal. No, not all of them *rolling my eyes & shaking my head* because most of them need therapy & DO NOT believe in it.

Anyway, a relatively long story shortened… my child got suspended from school. He finds the incident amusing. I told him that I cannot wait until he has children of his own. I said, “It is my prayer that your children are JUST LIKE YOU.” And my greatest desire is that he ends up with twins. Know what he said? He said, “My kids are not going to be like me. I am your kid and I am not like you.” He’s right you know… he’s worse!! Ha, I hope his aren’t like him… I hope, just like me, he is blessed with a child that test every good character trait that he holds near and dear.

I have a meeting scheduled at his school on Tuesday. Chances are I will not update you on how it goes. My reasoning is this… I finished high school, I am almost done with my Masters program so, this is essentially his story. What I hope to get from it? I guess, another story to entertain the folk who watch MTV’s Behind The Music. What? Didn’t you know?? My son is going to be a superstar. In fact he can’t wait until he starts rapping so that he can make his vision of chuckin’ up the deuces to his school and the whole academic system a reality.

Yeah…sigh… I am super blessed to have him & I am praying and crossing fingers and toes that he is able to experience this and more as a parent.

Ok, I have homework to do.


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