Thursday, September 15, 2011

MyFitnessPal is helpful but, I'm doing the work

So, I am not sure if I told you this bit of awesome news from the most awesome SunshineSuperstar BUT I am doing the C25K program. Today with the best distance & consequently the best time so far, I ran (or in my case jogged) 2.74 miles. Oh, what day am I on? Only day 2 of week seven. (faking modesty)

And here is the kickster (Bones fans will get that little insider) Friday past I began a low calorie meal program. My sweet & precious Jesus, why?!? Oh yeah, I know why because my friend is doing it and misery loves company and I love her so there you have it. Anyway, I took that as an opportunity to really use and appreciate MyFitnessPal. I mean, I registered for it back in what... July? *checking* Nope, June. Wow, how sad is that? Anywho, I figured that since this program is so strict and I never back down from a challenge that I'd accept all the help I can get.

The reason for this dialogue? It's simply this; I am posting my ticker tape below. It will track my progress as I continue on my becoming fit journey. But, in order to create it I had to log on to a desktop. It was when I was logging in to MyFitnessPal on my son's desktop that I saw these words: "MyFitnessPal really works!"

Now in my awesome, unasked & highly self-valued opinion the woman who made the statement "works." She is the one losing the inches. MFP is a tool... a resource. It does what it says it will but, it is up to the individual to log in the calories & be honest about what was eaten or not, what exercise was done... or not.

So, with my MFP resource, I will continue to count my calories. Without it... I'd still count my calories and... and... there are other calorie counting apps/programs out there. (I only said that so you wouldn't think that I was endorsing MyFitnessPal.) I support you & your goals. The plan you use makes me no nevermind. Just be advised that if you want to be my "calorie counting friend" MFP is where you'll find me.

Now stay encouraged and WORK!!!

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