Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fast Five... Fast Track

I have begun running again. I first did this C25K (couch to 5K) program with my brother-in-law right after I graduated. I had to get myself accustomed to waking up early since I was no longer in school. Gone were the days of completing homework late into the evening and waking up around noon for night classes. My new job, searching for work, was going to require me to be awake during normal work hours. The C25K program is designed to train the body, gradually, to running 3 miles when that body once enjoyed sitting on the couch as its recreational activity.

And I have to be honest, I kinda finished the program. It got cold out and I wasn't as bad-ass as I am now; you know; inclined to running in the rain, cold, etc. At the very least, I was dedicated to it and would rarely miss my scheduled run... unless it was raining of course. Then the temperature dropped. Following that I began working. Temporary assignments at first and then permanent employment. Sufficed to say, I had not mastered running and working. So, I stopped working out all together. No swimming, no running, nada outside of work, church & home.

I beat myself up about that but, not too much and then I couldn't take it anymore. I started the program again with a group called Black Girls Run and completed it. I even did a "graduation" run; the Percy Sutton 5K and it was brutal, to me. The first mile was practically all uphill.

I kept running after that. In fact I have to get a run in today (Saturday). My BGR leader and I continued to run together once a week and then she up and decided to run 5 miles with Teams in Training. She signed up for the Fast Track in which she commits to raise $500 for life saving cancer research therapies, in general. More specifically, raising money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Training is on Wednesday and we ran on Tuesday's. So, I had a choice... run solo or join the cause and continue running once a week with my BGR soror without requiring her to run two consecutive days.

I talked it over with my more athletic friends, who of course did not tell me "are you crazy?!" and now I find myself here.... soliciting money for LLS and training to run a 5-mile race. A race I kept calling "Fast Five." I guess the action movie junkie in me seems to associate fast with furious. Anyway, the good news...BGR has taught me "your race, your pace." so I am not trying to beat a specific time... I am just trying to complete the run. The bad news... well, I guess there really isn't any unless you have been diagnosed with Leukemia.

So, if you can, I would appreciate it if you would make a donation through my page as I take on this Fast Five challenge. Thanks.

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