Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A, yo phone is ringing... A, yo phone is ringing... AHHHHHH YO PHONE IS RINGING AHHHHHH

I’m one of those people who likes to have a ringtone for people or groups so that… well, so that I can tell from across the room if I want to walk over and pick up my ringing phone. Anyway, I decide that I am going to put a unique ringtone for the people at work on my phone. I wanted something that was pretty much the polar opposite of the office culture in this upscale commercial real estate firm where I am employed. I find the song and order the MP3. I click to open it to make sure the download link works and REALLY LOUD (I'm at the front receptionist desk) the computer screams "Doublemint twins in the building…" I look in a panic & the pc is on mute. But, I am remotely accessing my desktop. THAT is muted and NOT the computer that I was on. I couldn't see the mute or stop button on the Real Player because, there was a film of embarrassment clouding my vision. I shut down the remote access but not before the Doublemint twins say "and you ain't even ready for this sh**."

When I moved my hands from my mortified face, I looked up to see how busted I was, and I see one of the brokers who was by the elevator. He cupped his ear like,“A little louder please. Huh. What? I can’t hear you.”

SECOND: Eh, you have free will. Judge me if you want to. JESUS still loves me!!

Enjoy the track. Download the track. AND check out The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl,  it is hilarious... to me!!!

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