Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm not sorry...I don't miss you... I just love and adore you

My Sweet,

I can think of one place that I’d rather be at this moment and that is closer to you. My love, I never imagined that you would make me this happy. Happy, yes but this kind of joy I never imagined. Oh yes, we laugh and make the grandest of memories and you can see my smiles and the tears of joy and laughter but what you cannot see is my heart. When I think of you it swells so much that I think it is going to burst. How wonderful you have been to me.

Even now, as I watch you read the paper, you take my breath away. And I know you are curious to know what I am doing because you keep looking at me and I can’t stop smiling. If I close my eyes I can feel you. Your touch, even the lightest of brushes against my skin makes my heart palpitate. There is nothing about you that I do not love. Even when you vex me (because you really know how to push my buttons) I still adore you.

No, stay where you are… these tears are not because I am sad in any way. I am just grateful that my prayer was answered with you. Darling did you know that most of my day was spent thinking of you? You are a beautiful beautiful man and for no reason other than the fact that you are my husband, I thought of you. I thought of every inch of you and how I can show appreciation to every inch of you. I confess that I thought of some parts more than others but I have no favorites. I love your package *smile* I mean I love the package. My strong and compassionate man, you are my rock. In your eyes I see truth and love and I just want to give back to you half of what you have and continue to give to me.

I am going to walk over to you now. I am going to sit on your lap and kiss you and then I will go and finish dinner. And just so you know… after dinner I expect that the one place that I’d rather be is where I am going to be. I’m a little giddy just thinking about it.

I am and will forever be truly, madly and deeply yours

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