Friday, December 4, 2009


My best friend told me that when I am setting goals, more specifically weight loss goals, I should set smaller goals because they are easier to keep. You see the theory behind that is, if I set a large goal and somewhere in the middle I cannot keep my goal then I may just give up. However with small goals, which are easier to keep, I will feel encouraged to continue on.

Well, I set a goal. I am shaking my head at my self for setting such a goal and really trying to convince myself that it was a small goal. What was my goal you ask? The goal is to write down what I eat and drink…everyday…for 100 days. WHAT WAS I THINKING?? I guess you can say I was dreaming big. I mean, I really planned this out. I have a pretty book to write in and I’ve already dated the pages but, MAN, this is boring. And before you ask what my mother has asked, No, I do not plan on writing down the mints I eat or the gum I chew.

Oh, I’ll finish it… but, I am going to have to really push myself to complete it especially since I cannot think of anything to make this exciting…not even this pretty notebook.

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